The syllabus of study is the same as prescribed by the council for ICSE and ISC through the medium of English with the following subject offered


(Compulsory subjects)

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Social studies(History- Civics & Geography)

(Optional subjects)

  • Maths/Economics
  • Computer Application/ Economics /Art/Physical Education
  • Social studies(History- Civics & Geography)

Subject combination-Economics& Economic Application is not allowed .

The pass criteria -five subjects including compulsory subjects.


(Compulsory subjects)

  • 1. English
  • 2. Physical Education
3. History physics Accounts
4. Psychology Chemistry COMMERCE
5. Maths/Hindi Maths/Hindi Maths/hindi
6. Arts/Economics Bio/Computer Science Economics/Computer Science/Arts
7. Home Science /Music Art/Economics Music/Home Science
The pass criteria-five subject including English .

The session begins in the 1st week of April till 4th week of March and is divided in to three terms:-

1. April to july
2. August to November
3. December to March

Three terminal exams are held during the year (one after each term):

1st Terminal,August
2nd Terminal,(Half yearly,November
3rd Terminal,(Annual),March

Passing Marks Criteria:-

  • Class I-VIII Average of all three terminal exam.
  • Class IVth & XI -Needs to obtain passing marks in Annual Exams.
  • In order to get promotion to the next class a child must not fail in two subject
  • to opt for Science and Maths in Class IXth a minimum of 60% marks are required in the same in Class VIIIth.


Monthly tests are held on a regular basis in the last week of every month to assess the progress of the student followed by PTM at the month.


  • Summer Vaction - 3rd week of May to 2nd week of July
  • Winter Vaction - 4th week of Dec to 4th week of Jan
  • other holidays as per school calendar.

School Hours

  • Summers - 7:45 AM
  • Nursery & KG - 8:30 AM onwards
  • Winters-8:45 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Nursery & KG - 9:00 AM onwards
  • Last Saturday of the month is observed as a holiday