The syllabus of study is the same as prescribed by the council for ICSE and ISC through the medium of English with the following subject offered


(Compulsory subjects)

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Social studies(History- Civics & Geography)

(Optional subjects)

  • Maths/Economics
  • Computer Application/ Economics /Art/Physical Education
  • Social studies(History- Civics & Geography)

Subject combination-Economics& Economic Application is not allowed .

The pass criteria -five subjects including compulsory subjects.


(Compulsory subjects)

1. English 1. English 1. English
2. Hindi 2. Hindi 2. Hindi
3. Psychology 3. Physics 3. Accounts
4. History Civics 4. Chemistry 4. Commerce
5. Geography5. Biology 5. Maths
6. Sociology 6. Maths 6. Computer Science
7. Physical Education 7. Computer Science 7. Physical Education
8. Art 8. Physical Education 8. Psychology
9. Psychology
The pass criteria-five subject including English .

The session begins in the 1st week of April till 4th week of March and is divided in to three terms:-

1. April to july
2. August to November
3. December to March

Three terminal exams are held during the year (one after each term):

1st Terminal,August
2nd Terminal,(Half yearly,November
3rd Terminal,(Annual),March

Passing Marks Criteria:-

  • Class I-VIII Average of all three terminal exam.
  • Class IVth & XI -Needs to obtain passing marks in Annual Exams.
  • In order to get promotion to the next class a child must not fail in two subject
  • to opt for Science and Maths in Class IXth a minimum of 60% marks are required in the same in Class VIIIth.


Monthly tests are held on a regular basis in the last week of every month to assess the progress of the student followed by PTM at the month.


  • Summer Vacation - 3rd week of May to 2nd week of July
  • Winter Vacation - 4th week of December to 4th week of January
  • Other holidays as per school calendar.

School Hours

  • Summers - 7:45 AM
  • Nursery & KG - 8:30 AM onwards
  • Winters-8:45 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Nursery & KG - 9:00 AM onwards